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No Line On The Horizon, U2
NoLineU2Promo.jpgU2. Biggest band in the Universe according to some. Especially if you read the reviews in the British music magazines. Everyone in the music press trying to push each other out of the way to suck their dicks.

I've never "gotten" them to be honest. Their appeal. Too laid back for me. A distinct ego underlying everything they've done since at least around Achtung Baby. To me, they're just Adult Contemporary — not vital. There's no excitement or life in their music.

I skipped through most of the songs on this album. Good production elements. Good guitar playing. Some nice melodies... And there are some good songs — "No Line On The Horizon", "Get On Your Boots", and "Breathe" — but Bono just shits all over them with his crap cut-up lyrics. Faux intellectualism and self-importance.

This band, and this album, just is not my style. Not for me...

You'll have to try harder, U2, if you want to convince me that your music is worth buying.

Old Money, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
OldMoney.jpgAn extension of the Mars Volta by pure virtue of its being a solo record of the main song-writer of the group. Guitarist, Rodriguez-Lopez.

This album is just like an instrumental Mars Volta record... Latin jazz groove with crazy guitars.

This is great music to write to. Just have it on in the background and jam out. Get jazzed up to put pen to paper and let all the words in my head spill out. I've put this on my Writing Playlist for my current project.

And I'm wondering now why I never tried to track down his solo stuff before. It should have been a simple equation to work out... I like Mars Volta, so why wouldn't I like his solo stuff?

Favorite Track: "The Power Of Myth"...

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