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The Century Of Self, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead
Album_The_Century_of_Self_cover.jpgThis album starts with a really epic song, and it threw me off... Instrumental Prog-ish sounding electronic rock... Then "Far Pavillions" comes in with a mid-nineties alternative sound.

From the name of the band alone, I was under the assumption that these guys were a Gothic-Emo sort of band. Sludge Metal, singing about the medieval Age of Darkness, and plagues and shit like that. Renaissance Fairs and puffy shirts.

I've never listened to this band, and I am really pleasantly surprised. I wanna try to go back and listen to some of their older stuff, since those are regarded as their better albums — but that's what everyone says about every band.

This is my favorite album of the year, so far. It's beyond all that Pop Nonsense. High energy rock with ethereal bridges — Sonic Youth-meets-Mogwai breakdowns in the middle of their songs. Vocals sound like the Brit Pop whine of the early/mid-nineties. Guitar tones reminding me of The Bends era Radiohead...

Really glad I tried this one out.

Favorite Tracks: "Far Pavillion", "Bells Of Creation", "Pictures Of An Only Child", "Acending", and "Isis Unveiled"...

It's Blitz!, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Yeah-yeah-yeahs-its-blitz.jpgI really like their first album, but haven't had the chance to give any of their other stuff a try, yet.

This album was released early on iTunes because of internet leaks, so I didn't get a chance to read any reviews before listening to this. I had no idea the sound that was going to greet me...

Electronic Dance, complete with Disco drumming on the more up-tempo songs. I'm a big fan of Karen O's voice, and I guess that's the main reason I wanted to give this album a try. Totally not what I was expecting, but it's not terrible. And it totally shattering the expectations I had is part of its appeal to me.

It's interesting to hear experimentation and a melding of styles/instrumentation that you don't get from an average Pop group. But I guess that just about every band has their "Electronic Album" at some point in the career.

But the main draw for the iTunes Pre-order of this album was because they were offering exclusive bonus tracks — which I'm a whore for. And while not really essential, the acoustic tracks make up for it. And on this album, it's the slower songs that really showcase the talent in the band, and keep me from writing off this album as less than mediocre.

Favorite Tracks: "Soft Shock", "Dull Life", "Skeletons (Acoustic)", "Hysteric (Acoustic)", and "Runaway"...

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