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Blood Bank, Bon Iver

BloodBankThis album is a perfect continuation from For Emma...

I'm writing this, and it's snowing right now. Headlights and streetlights illuminate the moments before dawn. I am feeling these songs in my bones, and I want to hold my beloved in my arms. Keep her warm... I don't know if I'm going to be able to listen to this the same way once the clouds part and the snow melts. We move out of a dreary winter and into a hopeful and bright spring.

There are only four songs, so I opted for the iTunes download instead of the CD. Purely a cost decision...

The last two songs, "Babys" and "In The Woods" sound like experimental out-takes from For Emma... A toy piano banging away, and then a layered Auto-Tune a cappella torch song.

There's no reason for anybody to not buy this. If anything, consider this a taste of what the full experience of the full-length album is like. You won't be disappointed.

Favorite track: "Blood Bank"...

Working On A Dream, Bruce Springsteen

Working_on_a_DreamI've never really listened to The Boss. Just songs on the radio — the big hits. This is a pretty big release for the year — Springsteen playing at the Super Bowl and having a song from this album win a Golden Globe... Thinking I might go back to one of his classic releases after listening to this.

A big sound. A type of rock 'n roll I'm not used to. Something you don't hear from bands today, except on the occasional crossover pop attempt. It's the song writing and arrangement that win me over. The lyrics, not so much...

I mean, I like this album. But it's just so easy to make fun of it. It's one of the In Store Plays at the bookstore, and I can't help but take a swing at the lyrics. Especially for the award winning "The Wrestler" with lyrics about one-legged dogs, one-legged and one-armed men.

I really like Springsteen's voice — sort of what I see Eddie Vedder's voice turning into this next decade. There are tints of it on his solo album/soundtrack album Into The Wild. Puzzle piece lyrics, mainlining Bob Dylan spiked with three or four rhyming dictionaries.

I listen to this, and I hear the craft and professionalism that comes from his experience and maturity as an artist. Don't know what he sounded like when he started out — back when he was my age (and fuck does that make me feel like I've done nothing with my life). And perhaps it's just a product of his generation and influences — guys making music, and coming out now listened more to Kiss and 80's metal bullshit than Springsteen. I'm either just hearing what he's changed into, or this is what he is. Absorbed band he's listened to, and this is it, or I don't know. But I do want to find out.

Favorite Tracks: "What Love Can Do", "Good Eye", The Last Carnival", "A Night With The Jersey Devil" and "My Lucky Day"...

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand

Tonight-FFAll I know from this band is their song or two from the album before this. And I knew that I wasn't going to like this going into it, but sometimes you gotta suffer through the shit to appreciate the good stuff that's out there all the more.

Still with the lazy disco beat — even though I read in a short little article in Rolling Stone that they weren't going to use that same old "Take Me Out" drum beat. And while these songs aren't exactly the same, they have the same sound and feel... Synths and guitar effects, I guess in the attempt to make the songs sound a little different from each other.

Only made it through one real listen all the way through. Then gave it a second try, but was skipping songs about a minute or so through. Except for "Send Him Away" — heard the beginning eight beats, and said, "Oh hell no!" then went on to the next one...

I really think that it's the drumming that's turning me off to this album. That, and the similar vocal composition used in each song. No variety. No innovation. No life or real groove.

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