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Thinking of writing a series of posts through the year as an experiment. Just some excuse to write, and hopefully entertain others with my own self-inflicted pain...

I'm going to start reading "Rolling Stone" magazine each month (so you don't have to), and writing about the various articles and my impression of the content. Because I haven't been keeping up on my "Reading List" posts — I've read two books and not written about them — I thought that this would serve as a replacement.

For me, writing about a book just takes too much time. The time to read, and then to write, wherein I must remember everything that I spent the time reading, what I thought about it (which is usually fleeting), and then have the time when I feel motivated enough to make the time to write the post. A magazine, I can just breeze through.

With something like this, the pleasure I get out of reading is not going to be taken away. I'm not even going to feel like I'm slogging through something boring like homework, or some banal mandatory assignment — this is going to be for my own amusement. I know "Rolling Stone" is pretty mush jenkem-soaked tripe, so why not provide a service to the world by shielding the public from this otherwise useless periodical? Think of it like the commentary happening on the bottom of the screen during Mystery Science Theater 300...

Gonna post a pic of the cover, have my initial thoughts of just flipping through the pages, and then comments on the articles along with links (if they're available.

Gonna shoot for the Monday after the Friday the mag comes out... Wish me luck.

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