Listen Up 2008, pt 2

*due to not being able to post a streaming widget for my Mars Volta pick, this is a special Video Post Edition. enjoy -bcp

Bedlam In Goliath (and b-sides), The Mars Volta

I already reviewed this album earlier this year...

SO hard to pick favorite tracks from this album. Everything just belongs together. Movements in this grand piece... You get lost in the songs, losing track of where songs begin and end, even getting caught, myself. Thinking it's a new song, but it's still on the same one — a thread of the melody still intact, coming back in right before you realize the song never left.

One of my favorite albums of the year, and I'm including the B-Sides in with this album as well.

Favorite Tracks: "Metatron", "Agadez", "Ouroboros", "Pulled To Bits (b-side)" and "Goliath"...

The Hawk Is Howling & Batcat EP, Mogwai

It just hit me, while riding the bus. On the short walk back to my apartment...

I've listened to this while writing. Lying in bed. Just around the house. But I could never "get" it. Couldn't figure out what I thought about it all — what I thought. All just instrumental music with guitars, drums, and the occasional electronic blips (the only singing is "Devil Rides" on the EP with vocals from Roky Erickson).

But I've figured out that this is a Travel Album... You need to be moving in order to really listen properly. Some kind of movement going on. Looking around at the world, not really thinking about anything.

Your head just fills with stories... And while the album is a little front-loaded like a lot of albums today, it sort of fits in with the epic journey that the music is taking you on. Moving with the music, you get caught up with it — and for some reason, I was envisioning Vikings and blood and romance and peace and redemption. A whole weird-ass story taking years, happening in the less than an hour soundtrack that was this album.

Favorite Tracks: "Stupid Prick Gets Chased By The Police And Loses His Slut Girlfriend", "I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead", "Daphne And The Brain", "I Love You, I'm Going To Blow Up Your School" and "Batcat"...

The Slip, Nine Inch Nails

Can't believe I didn't write about this when it first came out... Back in May when it came out as an ABSOLUTELY FREE download, just months after the double album instrumental release of Ghosts I-IV. Don't know why I never got off my ass to write my reaction to this kick-ass album...

Ten tracks, but three of them are instrumentals, and you can't help but wonder if Reznor was just inspired from his previous instrumental release, or if these were left overs. There's the slight feeling of being cheated by the lack of "actual songs" — but, shit, this was free, so who am I to complain?

But this is more song oriented than album — no concept or overarching theme. Very minimalist — I can hear these songs being played live almost exactly as recorded... Lots of energy. A return to the Broken era style of songs.

I've listened to this the most out of everything that came out this year. I can put this on at any time and just rawk out. Just. Fucking. Great.

Favorite Tracks: "1,000,000", "Head Down", "Lights In The Sky", "Demon Seed" and "Letting You"...

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