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The New Avengers vol. #4: The Collective; Brian Michael Bendis, Steve McNiven, Mike Deodato Jr., et al.
The aftermath from "House of M" — or at least what happened to the mutant powers that were flying around the Earth after No More Powers...

So, if you wanted to know what happened with all that, then that's pretty much the only reason to read this. Nothing really exciting. No real character development. No real revelations vital to the Marvel Universe... You only get the tiniest hint of the Skrull-iness of Spider-Woman in her trying to convince the rest of the Avengers to kill the Collective/Xorn/House of M power thing...

Feels like filler before "Civil War", but I have yet to read that trade.

Secret Invasion: Front Line #1 & 2; Brian Reed, Marco Castiello, et al.
Issue started off Really Weak. Could have been the "Brand New Day" Spider-Man showing up and making me try to hold back my vomit. Could have been the completely uninteresting cab driver character that was trying to tell a story with an overused, cliche device. But then it abandoned that, and it immediately got better.

However, the art is a little "Over-lined" and all the women look the same — have the same faces. The colors make things seem dark, so that outdoor and indoor scenes are lit exactly the same way. No sense of a change of environment.

The story is following along several different people as the Invasion is happening, but with the way the story is being told — while the scenes are interesting — I'm having a hard time understanding just when the story is happening. It's in the past tense, and I don't know when everything is tying together, because they seem to have a sort of common resolution in order for the story device to work. Logically, I don't know if it's going to work.

And when overlapped on top of the "Secret Invasion" title proper, I'm not sure if the time-line works out... Three issues left and I'm gonna have to see how this works. Although, it would have been interesting to see the other side — how the Skrulls were reacting, and their point of view during everything. I think that's what I was expecting on this title, and why I picked it up, but I can't remember.

The Mighty Avengers #17; Brian Bendis, Khoi Pham, et al.
Pretty much all this issue was about, was showing that some undercover Skrulls have gone rouge before "Secret Invasion". Maybe it's 'cause I don't know all that has been going on with Hank Pym before hand, so I just don't get what's going on. Don't see the point of this story, but whatever...

The New Avengers #44; Brian Bendis, Billy Tan, et al.
Now this one had some good stuff. Telling us how the Skrulls figured out how to be undetectable, and showed us just how far they were willing to go. The fanatical steps that they took in order to reach their ultimate goals.

How many of their fellow Skrulls did they "turn-into" Earth heroes — and then kill — just to try to figure out how they would react, and if they would find a way to discover that they were hiding among them... Shows you how far fanatics are willing to go for a cause, and that angle of this overall story is what really gets me. This is why I'm reading, because you don't see this kind of intelligence that often in your standard superhero comics. But Marvel has been right on for the past couple of years in this regard...

Secret Invasion #6; Brian Bendis, Leinil Yu, et al.
Leaving the Savage Land, and now all the action is headed toward New York... Setting up for the big fight — teasing us at the end.

Two issues to go after this, and I'm guessing that the next one is going to be light on story, in favor of just tons of action. Then the finale is going to wrap everything up... That is until the next big even starts right up to handle the repercussions of this big event,

Need to magically come into the ownership of money, so that I can pick up more comics... Not that I don't already have a huge stack waiting for me to read.

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