End of days

November is already more than half over. Year is nearing the end and everyone is starting to reflect. Look back on movies and music and their lives. What history has yielded in 2008...

Actually listened to a lot of new music this year — didn't hurt that some bands I like were active this year. Tried some new stuff as well, and I think I'm gonna put together a playlist on my iPod of all the stuff I have that came out this year, and write up an all-encompassing post, since it's kind of late to try to catch up on all the albums that I didn't write up this year.

Quite a number of books — "real" books, too — read. Half were audiobooks, so it made it a little easier, but still, I got off my ass and did some reading. Still got a stack of comics to go through, but I don't know if I'm ever gonna have the money to buy more than just a few each month... Might have to make a huge purge of my list at the comic shop. That's gonna hurt my geek soul.

Looking at all this time I invested in music and reading, it really shines a light on how much time I can spend on writing... It's not motivation that's keeping me from advancing on that front, it's having this uncompleted project of my audiobook podcast for Innocent Creatures that's making it hard to move forward. Wanting to close a door before opening a new one... Cleaning off your plate before asking for seconds... The time it takes to invest in that comes from a different bank — I have to be home to record, but I can write anywhere.

Being home alone is a prerequisite in my artistic anxiety when it comes to performing my work — fucking up and having to do multiple takes. Not to mention just saying some of these things and being there with someone who, I have no idea what they're thinking about me as I say this insane depraved shit... Weekends are out, 'cause the roommate is home. Might have to start disciplining myself hardcore and wake up early — while he's at work and I'm all alone before going in for my late shift — and getting ready for work immediately, then spending an hour or two recording before heading off to the bus.

Might be able to do it... Don't see any reason why I can't, other than giving into my comfortable laziness — not wanting to change things to better my life. Then, that'll leave me time on the weekends to do the backing music I need to do...

Holy shit... I think I just came up with a plan.

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