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The Mighty Avengers #16; Brian Michael Bendis, Khoi Pham, et al.
The art wasn't all that... Really "line-y" faces made everyone look old.

This was an Electra (Skrull-lectra) story. Tons of fighting, which took up most of the issue. So, sure, she was an important part to this "Secret Invasion", but there wasn't really much to her story — to her getting into the position to fuck everything up for the good guys.

Need to catch up on the trades for New Avengers, because with all the Hydra and Hand stuff that went on in there, I'm sure stuff would make more sense and be more "Holy shit! That's what was going on!" than it was.

But again, not an essential part of the greater story...

The New Avengers #43; Brian Michael Bendis, Billy Tan, et al.
Captian Skrull-merica issue... Sort of figured out the psychological angle of "Secret Invasion", but this part also shows why 70's style Marvel Characters were chosen to be on that ship that crashed in the Savage Land.

Not really sleeper agents, just confused brain-washed Skrulls thrown out there to get killed, but just by their existence, they strike at the psyche of the Marvel Heroes. Throw everything and everyone into question.

Not a Must Read for the whole story, though...

Secret Invasion #5; Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Yu, et al.
I kind of always knew that Captain Marvel would turn back around, because it kind of seems like a long way to go when they brought him back last year... The whole meta/viral "Embrace Change" thing is introduced here. And I am wondering if someone is translating all the Skrull language and putting it up online.

Things were kind of slowed down, but still lots of bad-ass-ness... Really, REALLY turning out to be a great story.

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