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More stuff I've had lying around, but just not posted, because I wasn't done writing this. Being lazy, but I need to get back to reading my comics, since I haven't read any since I started writing this post... Gotta re-read a bunch of those comics now, because I can't remember a damn thing about them. Certainly not enough to write about them... Can't let myself get backed up like this again.

Loose Girl; Kerry Cohen
Great fucking book. Really sad.

Really familiar theme — just from living my life — of feeling alone and like you "need" someone... However, I'm not a big whore like her. I just let my anxiety paralyze me, instead of push me off the edge of the cliff. But all the same, you really want to see her pull herself out of it all and get better.

Really short book I got as an Advance Reader at work. Read it in about two weeks.

Snuff; Chuck Palahniuk
Now, I read this one in three days...

I would have to say, that this is by far the best of his books yet. However, it is also criminally short — just under 200 pages. I mean, what the fuck is that?

So funny, but the story is short on character, and really dependent on the beats — the little moments that are meant to make you laugh or gross you out... Still, it's a goddamn wonderful book. Very representative of Palahniuk's Style as a writer, even though he is still experimenting with structure. Still in the sort of Oral Biography thing that Rant had, but not as schizophrenic.

Ms. Marvel #26; Brian Reed, Adriana Melo, et al
This was slipped into my hold, but I thought I'd just give it a chance... Don't know why — wasn't crazy about the issue before this one.

More stereotypical woman-whining. Machine Man trying to be written like he was still in the Warren Ellis penned "Nextwave"...

I think this is sort of representative of the lack of progress that mainstream superhero comics have made since the 50's. Where a woman has to be conflicted over saving the day, and making sure she makes her hair appointment, or if she's going to miss the phone call from some cute guy. Spider-Man was the closest to a real working model of that type of "real-world" characterization — well, at least until he commited suicide. But Spider-Man was never a stereotype — trying to constantly get laid... Wait... Okay, well he never was just all about trying to get money and... Hold on...

Okay. I guess hack comic writing is the tradition, so why should I expect anything different... You go Ms. Marvel! Hold onto that thin veil of feminism you have by calling yourself "Ms." instead of "Miss".

...Okay, got that out of my system. Now I can get back to reading comics, and finishing up Heartsick by Chelsea Cain, which is, so far, fucking excellent.

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