Random thoughts... /DUMP/

  • restringing a guitar is almost like a religious ceremony for me. it's very zen... http://tinyurl.com/6xn4jd ::

  • oh, MySpace, why do you insist on reminding everyone of the continued, sad existence of the abortion that is the MTV Video Awards? ::

  • finally have all my comics from the past 2 months in the order I'm going to read them in... let Nerd-Fest '08 begin! ::

  • Radiohead gives us genius like "How Can You Be Sure?" but then "Pop Is Dead"... Really, guys? I'm so conflicted ::

  • Electro-issue of Esquire says to store @ cool temp. Who's gonna be the first to stick one in a microwave & YouTube it? ::

  • my iBook is making a clicking sound... probably something bad, right? ::

  • Fuck! forgot to call RN&R about rawk shows on Friday & Saturday... there's always "Reno On Tap" on @krzq ::

  • toaster is pretty much ... toast. still heats up, but I have to operate it manually & hold down the lever until I think it's done ::

  • Shoved my DS in my bag on my way out the door. Get some FF Tactics in on my way to work ::

  • Is the Mike O'Merea Show still on break? Would give of a chance to catch up on the podcasts ::

  • I don't think I could ever commit murder... too lazy to get rid of the body and try to get rid of the evidence ::

  • LIVE RADIOHEAD!! http://tinyurl.com/5acomo ::

  • Should really start watching hockey this season ::

  • Vegan cake in the break room! Don't mind if I do ::

  • Just realized that I'm gonna get paid for both shows I'm playing this weekend... Just gotta make sure I don't blow it all on booze ::

  • think my DS might be REALLY lost... like for real... unless it's somewhere in my girlfriend's car ::

  • Dudes full-on rocking out w/headphones on the bus: Awesome or Sad? ::

  • Lunch time! Countdown to RAWK! ::

  • Does "Thunderclap" sound like a VD Thor would get? ::

  • Countdown To Rawk: changing clothes then loading up. gotta pick up some energy drinks and gas too ::

  • Done w/the show... Tomorrow - more rawk... If it doesn't kill me ::

  • icecream for breakfast... nothing wrong with that ::

  • Mogwai's "Batcat" EP on iTunes! w00t!! ::

  • just realized when I got home that I was only charged for 1 beer in my six pack from Whole Foods! 6 beers for $2 FTW! ::

  • Xingu Brazilian Black Beer... and it's goood! ::

  • off to RAWK!! ::

  • Rawk tip: Always bring a mic stand ::

  • two nights of rawk & I'm so tired... but I fucking earned it. gonna sleep good tonight & have a great day tomorrow, w/Tofurkey! ::

  • ah fuck... I hope I'm not getting what my girlfriend had a week ago ::

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