Random thoughts... /DUMP/

Off to work on Labor Day & the bus has new super-plush seats. Wonder how long it'll be until assholes fuck them up ::

My big 4 year old Nokia phone makes me feel like I'm from the 80's compared to all the cells around now ::

just realized that Newsmax magazine has Palin on the cover & it came out before she was announced as McCain's VP pick ::

Lots of German people in the bookstore today... What up wit dat? ::

can one truly be Rick-Rolled if you enjoy that song? ::

@celtic_scribe holy crap, you have more updates than I do! looks like I really did get you hooked on this ::

Thinking of putting together meta-side project "Sumo Potpie" to play a show or two while the band is on break... ::

... But then that would take away time I should be spending on making my audiobook podcast... ::

... Take one project at a time, or shoot my creative juices - "Brain Custard" if you will - into everyone's gaping maws? ::

"Mirror of Love" only $3!! $8 "Owly"... Gotta do-up that Top Shelf sale http://tinyurl.com/6grgdg

so out of it this morning, I put the water for my coffee on the stove, but forget to turn it on... guh! thanks gods it almost the weekend ::

why can't conservatives just admit that McCain could have picked Charles Manson for VP & they would think it was the best thing ever? ::

stick THIS in your ear & smoke it!... wait... http://tinyurl.com/5d426x ::

really wish I knew where my wig was ::

I wonder how late Safeway is open?... could really go for some Soy Dream right now ::

Testing out predictive text on my phone for the first time & so far with this it's worked okay ::

Asap (Crap) I forgot to setup notifications to get tweets from @celtic_scribe... ::

...Dumb-shit phone doesnt even know how to spell "crap" ::

marg-o-rita time!! ::

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