Random thoughts... /DUMP/

damn you iTunes, why do you always have to have exclusive tracks you can't get anywhere else? http://tinyurl.com/62qua4 ::

school is starting today... let's hope it keeps the criminal element out of the bookstore for a while ::

hmmm... can I get away with playing some FF Tactics before my girlfriend comes over tonight? ::

can't forget that I have writing workshop tonight ::

so many podcasts to catch up on... why do you have to be so funny Mike O'Meara? ::

Obama may have the "Race Card" but McCain has the "Bamboo Cage Card" ::

just imported all my links to Firefox... I have officially abandoned Safari in the trashcan of a bus station bathroom ::

honestly had a dream w/11 foot tall Lincoln, and man, could that guy run fast ::

need to get CDR's to clear much needed space off my computer. too slow to do the stuff I'm too lazy to do ::

time to play some FF Tactics before going to bed ::

instead of downloading deviant-snuff porn out of morbid curiosity, I am downloading the "Chinese Democracy" leak ::

good thing I'm not voting according to what bands are playing @ the conventions, otherwise the Dems would be doomed ::

I better not fucking miss my bus transfer & have to walk home... ::

...Fat guys in motorized wheelchairs & people getting on @ every stop are fucking KILLING ME! ::

Thanks, fucking assholes that don't have yr money ready & have to dig it out... ::

...I love it when I get to fucking walk for an hour to get home. Pig-fucking herpies infested douche nozzles! ::

Oh yeah, chick. That stretched-out tattoo on yr potbelly is really fucking hot ::

Walking for 45 minutes... Please kill me ::

And now my iPod is dead... Gotta walk the rest of the way in silence. Fuck me ::

finally home. I want to die ::

for some reason, my brownie batter looks like actual BATTER, this time, instead of the dough it's been the last couple of times ::

fuck! didn't cook them for long enough... hope another minute or so doesn't fuck them up ::

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