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Little Brother, Cory Doctorow
Another book that I borrowed from work, and didn't get a chance to finish...

Terrorists attack San Francisco, and a group of friends get caught up in a fight for their rights with the Department of Homeland Security... I really liked what I did read. Thought that this was a book that young people should read, because, really, no one is talking to today's youth about civil liberties and what "terrorism" really is/means — they're just seeing the reactions of adults and aping those behaviors and emotions.

The technology talk — because I'm a geek — is something that appealed to me... Lots and lots of big ideas — and you know how much I like those.

But, I pretty much gave up in the middle because I am very lazy about my reading. Long chapters. The "self-talk" started to get in the way of the story, for me — I like Story, and unless the character is Doing Something, I get bored with characters just thinking to themselves.

Maybe this particular style is due to the fact that this is a Teen Novel, and we all know that teens love to hear themselves talk. They believe that everyone wants to know their every thought and opinion... And I am so beyond that. Anyone could just write down thoughts, but Doctorow can also give you really good story, and I didn't like to wait for that.

I'm going to give this book another try, probably, at some point. If only because of his commitment to Creative Commons.

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