Random thoughts... /DUMP/

brain is dying a painful screaming death because of lack of caffeine ::

think it's time to start cooking... that means it's time to start drinking! nothing tastes better than beer on a Monday ::

I think drinking kinda late & listening to Portishead after not getting a lot of sleep last nite is a bad idea if I wanna try to stay awake ::

"Pretty Hate Machine" came out the same year my girlfriend born... guess the 80's weren't all bad ::

allergies in the morning is making me want to STABBY! ::

need to read faster... "Little Brother" is full of Big Ideas ::

accidentally deleted this from my Mac, and just now found another copy online. must not lose it again... http://tinyurl.com/5u2yb5 ::

running low on coffee. condition: Yellow... hope to last through the week ::

had a nightmare last night where I was back taking college courses. woke-up relieved that I'm a proud drop-out of 5 years ::

yum... fucking MySpace is covered in goddamn sickening bacon. 'cause meat will solve all the problems in the world ::

I can't wait until today's kids look back at their yearbooks in a couple years and realize just how stupid they looked... ::

...because we've all had THAT moment. PS - what the fuck is it about being young and thinking big hair looks cool? ::

what's gonna be the thing that rocks the blogosphere this weekend? Obama's running mate, or Burning Man? ::

off to go help animals by asking people full of deep-fried Twinkies & salty meat for money ::

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