Random thoughts... /DUMP/

Thinking I should represnt like TuPac & get the tattoo on my stomach "GEEK LIFE" ::

I'm all about the Pearl Jam b-sides... http://tinyurl.com/5r7nsc ::

today, heard a teenage girl ask: "What's a bookend?" The fucking world is doomed ::

Why are the people that voted for Bush bringing up Obama's drug use? Dude!? Bush was a drunk coke-head! ::

caffeine is my Jesus. it is the only thing that can save me today. let me receive the jittery eucharist ::

@celtic_scribe probably shouldn't tell you that season 4 is coming out on DVD in December then, huh? http://tinyurl.com/5eo7bp ::

latest and greatest shirt idea: Giant Squid & Sperm Whale - fighting? Oh no... Making out! make love, not war, people ::

oh why must you tempt me with a December show in Sacramento, Nine Inch Nails? ::

in a NIN mood, because of the prospect of seeing them again (if I had money)... need music? http://tinyurl.com/62qfu7 ::

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