Random thoughts... /DUMP/

about 10 hours of sleep + coffee = feeling invincible! ::

Damn... Just thought: when my parents where my age - 29 - I was 11. Don't know if that makes me feel old or young ::

@ work early for a change. Guess that means I can put out People Mag w/Brangellina babies that people are retarded for ::

Ting Tings on instore play is making mass murder seem like less & less of a bad idea ::

bitchin Sigur Ros concert for those of us who don't have Current TV... http://tinyurl.com/5gxdvp ::

fuck! why did I take a break from writing? because that means I can't be lazy, and I have to shave ::

@celtic_scribe I think you getting yr tongue split would be the breaking point for me. sorry babe... http://tinyurl.com/642dwd ::

why would I want a cougar when I've got such a cute kitten?... but maybe that's why my back looks like a scratching post ::

Outside smells like hose water... Reminds me of summers as a kid ::

for all the greatness that Radiohead has given us, let us not forget they also gave us Cold Play... the gods love to play with us mortals ::

need to drink coffee and take shower before girlfriend comes over... NEED coffee. NEED!... COFFEE!! ::

eating PB bagel & agave nectar - my normal breakfast. and for some reason, it's dripping EVERYWHERE. what's up w/that? ::

Yahoo! spam guard is going fucking nuts ::

@xenijardin great episode! imagine taking some of that chocolate into the movies to watch Pineapple Express ::

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