Random thoughts... /DUMP/

Guy sitting next to me on the bus is rocking back & forth while mumbling ::

goddamnit! why do all of Radiohead's bsides have to be so fucking brilliant ::

Trucker-hat redneck dudes staring @ cute girl on scooter... Fucking creepy ::
not even 7AM and I can already smell the pot coming from the downstairs apartment ::

Farmers Market time w/ @celtic_scribe! Too bad we can't get our drink on... Yet ::

Up early for work bullshit. Walking to the bus, cloudy sky & red sun. So fucking wrong ::

iPod headphones are dust - always sounded shitty & now I'm using my Sony ones... ::

$20 MDR-E828. Great bass & volume. Always been my fav earbuds... btw, NEED CAFFEINE or the killing begins ::

Now the question: Do I take a nap when I get home? Or play more FF Tactics? ::

nice summer breeze and really quiet traffic outside makes this perfect nap weather. now only if I had a hammock ::

@mrkjf But does she have more hair on her balls? That is the question ::

last band practice for a couple weeks... should probably bring some beer ::

think it's time to start drinking and start on my laundry ::

cold PBR... just what I needed after this fucking day kept kicking me in the balls ::

HUGE bottle of Stoli for $25 at Smart & Final... so fucking sold ::

thinking my brain might explode... and I still haven't started my laundry or cooking rice yet. but at least I'm drinking... ::

... I got my priorities straight ::

Just heard Ting Tings on the radio for the 1st time & ZOMFG that shit band sucks dog smegma ::

got to try to get to work on time for once this week ::

bookstore says I gotta wear black & red because today is "Breaking Dawn" Eve or some shit... maybe I should stab someone & wear their blood ::

they forget to put my vacation pay from last week on this paycheck, and they still expect me to do shit for them... the fuckers ::

Is it too early in the morning to be hearing some random guy outside talking loudly on his cell? Crying because of relationship problems... ::

..."Ask any guy how they would feel if their girlfriend was a stripper," he said. His heart breaking, "They wouldn't like it..." ::

chickpeas cooking, filling the apartment with an awesome smell ::

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