Random thoughts... /DUMP/

@Jayzgame07 one man's pervert is another man's ... well creep, so I guess it really is no win ::

@celtic_scribe finally picked up Final Fantasy 3 again & played a little bit. should really be reading though ::

messing around with DS to try to get wifi working. just on a kick for some reason - & I think Nintendo & Apple hate each other ::

reminder to self: never spend more than 8 hours away from twitter, as you'll waste yr life trying to catch up on reading posts ::

should I be surprized at all when someone asks for High Times 'cause they can't find it, and I point to it. big stack, right in the front? ::

no Virginia, Obama is NOT a muslim ::

come on, Silk... I Love using soy creamer as infant formula ::

OK self, here's the deal: you have to beat FF3 before you can buy FF4... good thing I just have to beat the final boss - sucker! ::

I need to get my first tattoo before turing 30 next year. feels like something I need to do while I'm still "young" ::

so much to do to get ready for the rawking tonight. get gear ready, do laundry, shower, buy FFTA & try not to play it too much ::

... oh, and I can't forget the drinking... yes - oh so important to get 'warmed up' before the playing of the rawk ::

it's so awesome when you have the hottest girlfriend out of all the other guys in yr band ::

@joeyjp know what you mean... got vodka/energy drink in me, and on a PBR right now before I head off to play music & drink for free!! ::

Countdown 2 RAWK... ::

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