Please to be subscribing to the feed to get updates on the forthcoming audiobook podcast for my novel Innocent Creatures...

The kick-off will be near the beginning of July, and so for the time being, I am uploading music as a test to see if everything is running smoothly before I give it a proper launch...

This is an improvisational guitar instrumental that just came to me when I was messing around a couple of years ago.

Innocent Creatures Test.03 (right-click/option+click to download)

Branden PalomoIC_test.03

This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to remix, create video, translate into different languages, or otherwise transform my work as long as you give proper credit, and do not ask for payment. Let me know about it, and I will link back to your site.

As part of this pre-launch, I still need help in creating an image to attach to this podcast, and am asking for some help... I would like pictures of this symbol:
painted/drawn, in red, onto someone's stomach. It's part of the story, and I think a compelling enough visual to have carried out of my novel and out into the real world... I would prefer links to Flickr pages so I know I'm not getting emailed computer herpes, but these are the chances you have to take every once and a while. This is my Flickr page...

The feedback I've received indicates that this test is working... So I'm going to try to start the real thing a little earlier than I planned. Stay tuned, and goodnight...

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