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So it has begun... Or ended... Put on hold, maybe...

For the rest of May and most of June, my band is taking a little break — freeing up my weekends. Chuck Palahniuk's new book is coming out in a couple weeks, and I'm going to want to read that shit as soon as possible... So with those factors in mind, I have decided to put the major writing of "Tao of Rawk" on hold — hence the shaving of my epic beard — and start to focus on typing all of the edits into "Innocent Creatures".

I should get the sound elements I will want to add into the podcast in a week or two (via the NIN boxset of Ghosts I-IV), so that means I can get a head start on recording the reading before then. I have been clearing hard drive space from my laptop for that over the past week. I'm also going to put in some some original guitar, synth, and noise, but it really depends on the mood and subject matter of the spoken narration, though. Need to listen to that stuff before I can get an idea in my head of what I want to layer behind it all...

Originally, I wanted this to be a weekly thing, but a whole fucking year? That's way too long for a story. That's too much time to forget stuff, and to get frustrated with the slow progression and resolution of the novel. Plus, I would want there to be some sort of numerological significance to the end date, which would either put me at October 31 or January 1.

With one a week out of the question, I thought it might be cool to have it start with an entire week of chapters uploaded every day, just to get people drawn in. Maybe have the last week like that as well, as a sort of reward... If I were to put this in line to be done at the end of October, I should do three a week — that might be enough to keep people interested. Especially since they're short chapters, and I don't think that even the longest one would be over ten minutes... So with this scenario, that would give me a launch date of the middle of July. Pretty much two months to get all the stuff I want typed up, and get a good chunk of stuff recorded. Need to create a buffer for myself so that I don't fall behind in the schedule I would like to keep.

In the meantime, I will still be seeking an agent. And I don't really care about any aversion that a potential agent or publishing house might have with my releasing the audio version of this under a Creative Commons, because I would prefer to have a woman read this, as the definitive audiobook. And there still leaves the print version, which since it's going to be a "Non-commercial" License, no one else can make money off this thing if they were to type it out and print it, unless they got permission from me.

I just want to get this out. I've had too many people read parts and want to read the entire thing — getting hooked and telling me that it's good — and I don't want to keep this to myself. This needs to get out, and I think that this way — the way I want to do it — is going to be the least cost prohibitive on my part, and with the most potential for rapid and widespread distribution.

So in addition to this, I should also put together some sort of organized "front page" to have people directed to. Something that will look presentable to individuals in the industry, as well as various people swinging by from all over the web. I will also be providing other content — probably along the lines of a "Making Of" style blog for where my ideas came from, and the process I took in assembling all the various ideas and plot themes. That, at least, would give people a reason to keep coming back, as well as keep me busy writing. Keeping my writing edge sharp and deadly...

Nothing is set in stone yet, and I am still getting everything together. So it could all fall apart, or arise as some totally different type of monster. But at least I have a plan... It may not be a good one, or even one I can accomplish, but it is a plan nonetheless.

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