Progress April_2008

Innocent Creatures:
Been lazy again... Haven't typed up any more changes, or sent any more emails. It's about time to send out another volley, because the agents I sent it to should have gotten back to me already. Oh well, their loss.

Read a chapter in the Writer's Group, for what I am planning on being the last they're going to hear out of this until I have the full manuscript ready to hand out... Also thinking about the deeper implications of who the main character actually is — perhaps What she is. Seriously considering working in a concept I read about in Doktor Sleepless — a comicbook written by the maniac Internet Jesus, Warren Ellis...

Tao of Rawk:
(soundtrack — a whole bunch of Nine Inch Nails)

Ink's almost gone from my third pen... Should be half-way through my third notebook in a week or two. Haven't been getting to work all that early — or even on time — so I can write a lot...

Got down some great characterization work, laying the psychological groundwork for the character, Scott. Also put in the first bit of comicbook reference/nerdgasm for the character, Dell... And that makes me happy. As IC is my book about Reno and growing up/finding your place in the world, Tao is my book about music, comics, friends, and my love for all three of those things. The next project after this is going to be about my fan-imosity for sci-fi and philosophy... This is the way I work. Can't just write a story — write down some plot, step back, take a look at it, and call it a day. Writing for me is a labor of love. Each one of these things is a Love Letter, of sorts. Or a hate filled Death Threat... Same thing, right?

New person has hung with us for both meetings this month. Nice to know we haven't scared her away yet... And she's another sci-fi type person, as well. Goddamn we're a group of fucking nerds. Not that there's anything wrong with it...

Read the "Liz's Story" chapter — so that means I've done quite a bit of reading in the group, but I'm not even to the half-way point. But since we've all pretty much agreed to bring back the practice of passing around manuscripts and setting aside meetings to focus on specific works, I feel fine leaving them hanging like this. I also think that this will make the group seem a little more worthwhile to everyone. Like there is a focus and point to aim toward.

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