Progress March_2008

Innocent Creatures:
Actually sent out letters to two agents. Think I'm going to give that a little time, and then send more out... Mostly, because I didn't do them the courtesy of telling them that I was querying multiple agents.

One of the agents, also just happens to represent a local author that is fairly well-known nationally... And that was not planned at all.

Also figured out that I can change the ending a little bit to up the tension and bring the story to a bit more of a close.

Tao of Rawk:
(soundtrack — Ghosts I-IV)

Still writing away. Need to pick up the pace a little, though. I'm really iching to get this done before Chuck Palahniuk's new book comes out in May. And I'm going to have to stop everything once it's out, so I can read it, and I'd much rather not lose any momentum because of it... Also, I am slowing down — not getting as much writing done as I have in the past couple of months, and I can't help but think that these damn Buffy DVDs are what's doing it.

The meeting began with health talk. Someone asked a question of the Big Time published author of the group — the one that is very blunt and scary sometimes. But hey, he had a book put out through Simon & Schuster, so I think that gives him a little more insight than the rest of us novices... He wrote a book about heart attacks and that kind of health stuff, and someone asked him about blood pressure, stress and cholesterol. And I thought it was kind of cool that we have kind of branched out into giving each other all sorts of help and information.

More vampire action, and we were all kind of wondering why he waited until the fourth chapter to get to the hook. Sure, there's something to be said for setting up the story, but no one is really going to give a book that long to get interesting... It seems too much like autobiography in the beginning — the writer weaving in his own life story — and not enough establishing of authority.

Didn't read any of my own stuff. Thought about what I was really trying to accomplish with presenting them my work, because I don't feel like I'm getting any worthwhile feedback from them. If this is just to feed my own ego and build confidence in my work... I might just have to put Innocent Creatures on hold with them, and tell them to wait for the podcast. Maybe start bringing in parts of the new stuff to see what they think of it.

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