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Innocent Creatures:
Finally typed up changes for three chapters — the most work I've done on this for months...

Read the chapters out-loud to myself to see if there were any strange passages where the language needed to be cleaned up. If there were awkward parts that I stumbled over, or where what I just said didn't make any sense.

And the language of it all was very hypnotic. A whole different world compared to the project I'm working on now. Airy poetic narrative... And I'm thinking about the podcast audiobook idea again.

And with the new Nine Inch Nails experiment out under a Creative Commons License, the concept of putting some music underneath it all becomes more appealing. Especially since I wouldn't have to create tracks from scratch, but if I wanted to, I could add elements — I would have to take the time and remix them all, but the basic template would be there for me to build off of.

BUT I would have to buy the $75 deluxe package in order to get the multitrack files... I would also need to either do some massive computer upgrades to my ancient machine, or see if I could log some time on my friend's new MacBook.

Don't really care about making money from this thing at this point. I just feel so strongly for this book, that I'm tired of hiding it away. Keeping it out of the light. Locked up, when all art wants to be out there in the open, running free through the mind fields of the people... Besides, I've heard about all kinds of people turning blogs into books. Getting publishing deals after creating web content. So who knows...

All I know, is that this is a whole lot cheaper than self-publishing, and also, I feel, less pathetic. And, shit, with the internet service I pay for, I'm getting some hosting space. And I have been paying for some domain names that I'm not doing anything with, yet, anyway. So...

Tao of Rawk:
(soundtrack — Pelican, and This Will Destroy You)

I think I've discovered how everyone sees the main character that everyone is talking about in this oral biography. I really know who he is, and where he comes from on an emotional and psychological level. Now, all I have to do is present slivers of that information through the sieve of the other character's perceptions.

I think I'm also pretty close to empty on coming up with new ideas for the plot. Not really much more I want to say beyond the ideas I already have planned out... Still need to work on songs and lyrics. Take some earlier writings and transpose them to this.

Spent a lot of time on a chapter of a novel someone is working on — vampire-romance-thriller kind of thing. He's been talking about it ever since I took over the workshop, but he's never brought it in to read... The chapter he read this time, there was a lot of discussion — mainly having to do with the Big Picture instead of the details. Some details got thrown in there, but it was still not polished enough to be looking for smudges.

The chapter — as it stood on its own — it didn't really do much for the story other than try to move it from point A to point B... No real action yet. No hook. Just seemed like a normal story at this point, and we kind of debated whether that was something that needed to be worked on, or not.

But, ultimately, it is something that we needed more context for, otherwise we'd be spending all of our time asking him questions... Just like we were, and there were a couple people asking for me to read what I didn't have time for last week.

Read the chapter that started off being two different ones in far off places, but combined them and chopped a little here and there for continuity sake. To put in some action and amp up the pacing a little bit. It's the chapter about the main character's 13th birthday... Yup, just went balls out with the explicit sexual content. Gotta give the people what they want.

And it's been a while since I read, and they were struck, again, by the language. The dreaminess of it. And I had forgotten about how stark and powerful it was... It was pretty much me reading that night and the corresponding heapings of praise I received that made me reconsider the podcast audiobook idea.

A friend at work is trying to get his stand-up comedy on... He's run some of his material by me, and I've been telling him what I think — one comedic mind to another...

He is also working on some web content (videos & animation) and has asked for some writing help with that... Still waiting for him to send me the scripts to go over. Really want to see if I can help and play well with others in the creative collaboration realm.

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