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Innocent Creatures:
And remember when I said that I was going to send out a letter a week? That has turned into doing not a damn thing... But I just got done writing the best version of a query letter that I could muster. Now I can begin the infestation in ernest...

Tao of Rawk:
(Soundtrack brought to you by The Mars Volta, This Will Destroy You, and random brit pop.)

Only have a couple more pages until this second notebook is full. My pen should be about out of ink around that time too. Still hammering away, with no real idea of what I'm aiming for — what it's going to look like at the point when I say to myself that I am done... But I am having a good time just writing down the nonsense.

I'm thinking of just pasting together really simple drum patterns in GarageBand and recording the guitar parts of songs that I have written, so I can start writing some lyrics. I need to do that at some point, because those are going to be a part of the book as well. Giving the reader an insight into the Chuck Character, as he isn't really able to speak for himself — and the parts where I do have him, I need to make him lie and make up stories more.

I wanted to read some stuff this month, but it just didn't happen... Where I am at in my book with them, is a very precarious edge. I can either continue with where I left off — which includes a very explicit sex scene with an underage child. Or do I skip past that chapter and give them another flash-back which the one before it sets-up and doesn't really move the plot forward... I'm going to leave it up to them, but I'm going to have to wait until the next month's worth of meetings.

The first go-around this month, four new people showed up. I'm chalking that up to the sign for this month's meetings which read: 'How I Got Published' hosted by Branden That's the name of the book for the month, and without the mention of an author, it makes it seem like I am giving a talk where I brag about my success, of which there is none in that regard... But I did use the opportunity to try to lure them into the dark side so that they would keep showing up. Showing them what we're about, and that we all have some talent and knowledge that we can share with them to help them become better writers... But one dude just wanted to know about self publishing, because he has an idea — which I think personally, he's not going to rich off of, because he's not going to land a big publisher and there is little-to-no chance that he's going to get his book into our store; he's looking to just sit back and let the book sell itself, which is never going to happen, because this is not a goddamn easy thing — and I don't think he's ever going to come back.

The next session was really productive, even I could only stick around for two people reading. A nonfiction work in progress on selling, and the long talked about vampire romance that one of the guys has been talking about — and has never shared with us before... But he got kind of hammered, and it's not because it isn't good. It's just that it NEEDS to be better, and it wouldn't be that difficult at all to do so. He's talked about this thing for the two years I've been doing this, and I thought that what he was going to be bringing us was going to blow me away... But it didn't, and I was kind of disappointed.

It's made me think about considering putting some lessons together and presenting them for the first meeting of the month, and reserving the second for reading. That way, perhaps some of the hints can be used on what will be brought in... But I feel that the main function of our meetings is a social one, and not necessarily a strict craft based focus. That's not a problem for me. And while I do feel like I could get that urge to teach out of my system by sharing hints and lessons that I've acquired, I would much rather spend the time and effort on my own work. After all, with my time being stolen away by internet and DVD television shows, I need all the time I can get...

So that means the online group blog/resource link depository is also just a pipe dream. No time... That, and I just haven't had the strength of personality to offer that idea out to the group — the artist's trap of ego and fear of rejection.

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