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Innocent Creatures:
Didn't do a goddamn thing, except write down about five lines for a query letter idea that I got while lying in bed, trying to go to sleep. Just read the back of the advance reader copy I picked up from work of Loose Girl, and my mind started working through how I could fit an explanation of "IC" into that template.

Still need to work on the query, and actually Send Some Out...

Tao of Rawk:
Soundtrack for the month was brought to you by Sleater-Kinney.

Over halfway done with my second notebook. Onto my third pen... Still coming up with ideas that I want to try to put in, but I know that once I have everything finished, and I'm typing it up, I'm going to wind up with repeating segments. That could work out to my advantage — combining separate stories in a logical manner...

There's going to be a lot of old stuff I'm going to have to comb through one of these days. Personal writings, early ideas from years and years ago, song lyrics... Not a bad thing — it actually makes me feel like a "writer," because it's more work than just sitting down and putting pen to paper. It's like honest to Thor research.

I am also considering starting up some viral marketing/ARG — planting the seeds that might help get this thing noticed and maybe begin to take on some sort of life of its own before it is even close to getting out there. And plus, that will give me some excuse to take a little bit more time to focus on music. But what little I have planned so far is going to take time, and some web design witchcraft — things I don't really have right now. But if I get some of this started now, I might be able to use it as leeway once this novel is ready to present to publishers.

Toying around with the idea of installing some sort of web presence to store links that may be of interest to the members of the group, and also to leave messages and communicate to them when things come up — like me not being able to make a meeting, much like the first one of this year...

Also, I thought that it could also function as a sort of group blog where we could post work to be critiqued outside of the sanctioned meetings. Posting comments as feedback, only having permission if you are truly a member of our group... But that would mean that I would have to take some more time out to moderate the goings-on, and I'm not sure of the time commitment that would involve.

It would serve as a nice advertisement to people searching online looking for writing groups to join in the area, though... But I was too shy to mention it, our conversation being extremely geeky, for some reason. We were talking about Superman and the Green Lantern, and I had to throw out some of my limited DC Comic knowledge.

I did read a chapter of "IC," and finally, got a little bit of feedback that wasn't completely ass-kissing that I could use to improve something. Of course, the chapter I read to them was a difficult one that really only works on the printed page. I was sort of having trouble with it, and wondering if it worked, and now I have some suggestions to keep in mind as I go over it again.

Thought up of an idea for a short story that I might try sending in to Adbusters magazine. But it might be too violent, although the underlying message follows along their ethos of Culture Jamming.

I'm not finished with it, but one could take the message away that I'm trying to say that killing people is going to fix certain things in this world. Not really what I am trying to say, but it is going to easily be confused with that... A subversive piece of transgressive science fiction that I hope forces people to ask questions and look for answers, instead of thinking that I am positing solutions.

Holy shit! Last month, I had a total of 45 posts in the 31 days of January. Most of them were short little "Random thoughts...", but still, that's more than I've ever done before.

Couldn't figure out the third-party desktop app to post onto my Blogger page, so I'm just going to have to start getting off my arse and do it the hard way...

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