Progress September_3

Innocent Creatures:
I think I've figured out how I'm going to approach my next query letter. Just need to write it now, and send it out... I think this will be the final version, as it really hits onto what the novel is about.

Read a chapter of "plot" at workshop... Something I've never been all that confident of, was how well those parts — where I move the story from one part to the next, with no real action or revelations — hold up with the rest of the story as a whole. If it's boring...

The feedback I got from everyone, was overwhelmingly positive. Wasn't really ready for that...

I read the BKV quote, and we talked a little bit more about ideas and ownership. Everything went pretty smooth, and some people brought in some kick-ass writing. It just makes me wonder why some of these people don't try harder — or sometimes even try At All — to get their writing published. With all the crap that's out there, you'd think that when someone had something that was any good, why not just try...

Tao of Rawk:
Been reading music magazines at work during my ten minute breaks. Just to try to get totally into the groove of music. Let it get into all of my pores. Immerse myself so that it all flows out of my head a little easier... And I love music anyway, so it's all good.

Wrapped up a part of a story very neatly — a whole lot better than I thought I was going to. Didn't think that it would really go anywhere, but magically, it just fell into place.

Straightened out the timeline as well. Locking down some key events and times and ages to frame everything within... The first notebook is over halfway full.

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