Progress September_2

Innocent Creatures:
Been working on typing more edits. I am having a more discerning eye for cutting out phrases and concepts that don't seem to add anything to the story — which is a good thing... It just seems strange that it is at this point, where I've developed this. I have also figured out what to do with one of the characters that always felt to me like was thrown in there. Like he never really had a purpose... But now he has one, and it is very fucked up and adds to my tapestry of absurdity. It takes some of the blandness away from the ending.

More geek talk. Talking sci-fi and anime — but it's not with the people that would most likely be branded as the geeks of the group. I also found an interesting quote that I'm going to bring this week, about protecting your ideas... Yeah, because THAT'S what prevents people from bringing stuff to read...

(I personally believe it's because they don't want to be told that it's not good, which is a reasonable fear. That if you want to do something really bad, but are told that you're no good at it, it is a pretty big downer. But what's worse, that, or being told that you're good, but you still can't turn that into anything for yourself — you still can't get published...)

Tao of Rawk:
Wrote a couple songs this weekend — just the music, anyway... This book is about two brothers. One is in a band, and they start to get pretty big, and he starts to use drugs. He ends up dying, and the younger brother kind of takes his place — forms his own band with some of the members from his brother's band. Living in the shadow, while trying to create something of his own... It's going to be told like an oral history, with the different people involved in the lives of these bands, telling their stories. In between a couple chapters, there will be the songs — pretty much the only way that the departed can speak from beyond the grave.

I've been listening to a bunch of different music to try to get into the minds of each of the different characters. They each have their own musical influences, so I need to get into their creative minds — figure out how they would write songs.

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