Progress July_2

Finally got two in this month. Let's see if I can keep this up...

Innocent Creatures:
Haven't heard back from the final two agents that I've sent out letters to. But I am, yet again, rewriting my query letter for the next round. I have also started to write a synopsis of my novel, which is something that I am going to need at some point — the structure of which, is going to be resemble a conversation, as that is sort of the form my novel takes, and I feel that it will best communicate the style of my novel.
Also wrote down some more agents and addresses while watching Simpsons DVDs.

Had a lot of people this month... Didn't get to read any of my work — I really wanted to expose them to some of the short stuff I sent in for the contest (see below).

Did a lot of talking to the new people about Craft. About style and how to put some nonfiction things together. Making stories interesting, breaking from the standard journalistic form in order to Tell a story, instead of just Report one.

Misc Projects:
Got third place in the Reno News & Review short fiction contest, as well as a runner-up story published... I take that as a pretty big fucking win — I'm the only one in the top three that got more than one published.

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