Progress July_1

Innocent Creatures:
Got back two more rejections from agents — that means there are four more floating out there...

The thing I hate about this, is that I always end up wondering if my choice of subject matter is going to make it impossible for this to be published. Because no one is going to want to take a chance on something that isn't going to sell. And if it doesn't sell, how am I ever going to escape the life I am living now and become a writer?... Or perhaps, I just am not any good at writing, and that again, takes me back to being a writer...

Still haven't done any more entering in of my "final" edits.

Misc Projects:
Sent out twelve pieces of short fiction in on the Seventh. Think I figured out what may have been my downfall last year... I think that each story is supposed to be exactly ninety-five words, and not that or less. Don't know if I'll be able to come up with any more ideas, but I have until the Eleventh, so I'll keep my mind open to inspiration.

Been doing mostly reading for the "Band Book." Listening to music, and trying to figure out where the characters are coming from on that front. Thinking about how I can make the book flow and tell a cohesive story if I am going to play around with the form... I have a feeling that this if going to be a very long (page-wise) project. But as long as I have it broken up into smaller chunks along the way, you won't choke on it — you'll be able to take the bites, and hopefully, each one will be satisfying enough that you will want to move on and take more in. But you should also be able to feel like you can set it down when you're full, and not have to worry about coming back and have it being cold when you return.

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