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If I'm going to say I care about animals, I had better not designate some as better than others — I mean, I don't even kill spiders or other insects, so why would it be okay to do that to bees (who are frequently mutilated and killed in the harvesting of their honey)... So I've just gone full-on vegan.

Now that that little personal update is out of the way...

Still getting new people showing up. Still, that surprises me... Now, whether they keep coming back or not is the true test.

Read a chapter at our first meeting this month... The only thing that people wanted to talk about, was the part where I talk about smelling a woman's menstruation. Probably because that's a really weird fucked-up thing to write about, but mostly because they were caught up in the factual basis of it all. If it could actually happen...

They asked me — in not so many words — what kind of pervert I was. If I knew about this firsthand... I contended that I was writing fiction, and was well within my rights to make stuff up — especially given the fantastical turns that the story would take a little bit later on. But I mentioned that the bit about smelling blood was just a device to get me to telling the "German Fried Hotdog" story, which was in the chapter immediately following what I just read.

However, a couple of the women in the group that night stood up for me, and said that, yes, it is possible to smell when a woman is menstruating... Something that I did know, but just didn't want to admit, because of how fucking creepy it would make me out to be... But believe me, just about everything that I have put into my novel, is there very deliberately and with a specific purpose.

The second meeting of the month, there were more new people, and most of the time was just spent on one person's work, and talking about the nature of vulgarity and its place within art and product.

I brought some short fiction to read that I had written for the upcoming "News & Review" contest, but was crestfallen when I announced that it was going on right now, and was told about how stupid it was... I was in no state of mind to defend myself and my position — tired and falling into a depression.

I just sat there and let everyone just go on with no order whatsoever. Admitting defeat, and not having the energy to fight off the urge to just want to give up on the whole workshop endeavor...

Innocent Creatures:
Mailed out eight query letters. Just have to wait now...

I want to get the next batch ready, though, for my eventual, across the board rejection however. Because I don't know if I'll have it in me to do it after I've actually been rejected.

Misc Projects:
Doing more reading for the "Band Book" project. Really getting eager to start working on it, but I don't have the time to devote to going in headlong into the deep-end like I want to...

As of writing this, I have written ten 95 word (or less) pieces to send into the "News & Review." Last year, I sent in 16, and I want to beat that personal best... I have a week-and-a-half to go, so I hope I can do it.

The ideas are coming much slower now, though, so this really is a battle against myself to see if I can make it to the top of the mountain... I have no idea if any of them are good enough to get published, but that's not stopping me from trying.

Just need to remember to carry that attitude on to everything else...

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