Progress: Update

One of the things about posting about how your work is going, is that you can lie to yourself about the progress you're making, by not posting... Bad stuff happening — or in my case, not doing shit — and you just don't share it. no one has to know your shame. Although, it is a likely guess that since you are not updating, that you have nothing to update on. Or you are just to busy with working, that you don't have the time to report on it.

For me, however, I have to sadly go with the former...

Since moving, though, I have to say that I am more in the mood to really work on writing. Just want to get this book out of the way so I can start on my next projects. I will only accept full failure and rejection before moving on... Otherwise, there's still hope.

Need to start posting again with some sort of regularity. That way there is no way to deny any lack of momentum, rather than just ignore it. Have it stare me in the face, so I have no other alternative but to change my course... True words for all aspects of my life...

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