Progress November/December

Innocent Creatures:

Finished reading the whole thing as one piece. Made small notes about what needed to be changed, taken out, added in order to help the whole thing flow and make sense. Realized that I needed to almost completely rewrite one of the final chapters in order to tie it all together — setup the ending to fit with everything that came before it.

I've also started to type up the changes, and am about a fifth of the way done... Hope to have it finished by the beginning of the year, after which, I am going to print two copies to pass out to friends to get their take on it. Got the new listing of literary agents so that I can start mailing this thing out.

Was looking for stuff that might have needed more explanation in order to understand what was really happening, as well as long expository pieces of whale fat that needed rending.

Have to fight the urge to add in stuff that doesn't really belong, though... Reading things that are burrowing into my mind.


Did not have any workshops in December, just because it gets so busy and the store can't spare to have booksellers not helping customers.

But for the two of them in December, we added two new members that I think will be showing up most times now. Dave — who is into fantasy type stuff and is looking for someone to collaborate with, because he doesn't feel like he has the time to commit himself to the amount of writing he feels he needs to do. And Nancy — who has been showing up since October.

And it was her that came up with an idea (that was inspired by Richard bringing in a contest submission for a Writer's Digest Short Story Contest) that we should bring in short stories for critiquing.

I brought in the "German Fried Hotdog" chapter of my novel, and was surprised by the positive reaction I received. Albeit, it is one of my strongest ones, and that's why I chose to bring it in — that and it is one of my shortest self-contained chapters. But I now felt that maybe I did have something here. That what I had written was good enough...

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