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On the 9th, Jacqueline Simonds of Beagle Bay Books came to talk to us about the publishing industry. There were eleven people, including several I've never seen before. It must be the warming weather inspiring people to get out or their homes without fear of the snow and cold that have left the area recently.

She basically said stuff I've already known/heard. That it's impossible to become a writer. That it's so much work for so little reward. That readers don't want new stuff from new authors, just the same old crap from the same handful of authors that are always on the bestseller's list and on Oprah... But it's not that I don't believe her — that I just won't listen to the people saying this — it's that there's nothing else I can do but write. I need to do this, as much as I need to breathe to survive.

Jacqueline was a writer herself, and formed this publishing company as a way to get her book about pirate women out there... I wondered if she just preferred the nuts & bolts part of the trade, and that's why she shifted her focus on releasing local non-fiction books, and away from her own writing. Or maybe she was just another casualty, and this is the only way she could keep one toe in that pond that she loved so much, but had already caught hypothermia from.

After she spoke to us, just about everyone left. I figured as much... But some of us stayed around and just bullshitted for a while. Talking about Richard getting a new computer and software with money he had won, and he's finally put himself into high-gear in putting his book together.

Also spoke with an old regular, Matt, about his adventures in being published by Simon & Schuster. Getting screwed over with his diet book, because of what their definition of "out of print" was, and not wanting to give him back his book. Asked him about how the group was like in the old days — if it worked, and maybe some hints at how I should try to run things.

But the overall theme of the night seemed to revolve around Money and Business. It left a bad taste in my mouth, but everyone needs their reasons for doing things. And one reason isn't more noble or true than the other. But it is more fulfilling and enriching for the spirit... But a full spirit does not always mean a full belly.

Misc projects:

Wrote out some chapters for "The Band Book." Locking in who the characters are and their motivations. Half an hour is just not enough to write, but that's how long my lunch is. It does force me to shorten things up, though. Think in more concise terms. Try to get as much done without drawing it out, or else I might forget where I was going once I pick it back up again.

Decided to put the Marvel Project on the back burner for now... I need to wait until I have a little more clout. Something to back up the talk that I'm bringing. Evidence that I can be trusted to write for them. Proof that others think I have what it takes... And that basically means I need to work at getting published where ever I can.


Stared writing short little ideas for the upcoming Short Fiction Contest the Reno News & Review holds every summer. Always under 100 words, so I need to harness all the minimalist chi within me. Concentrate my words into tight powerful hypersigils.

I'll be posting those works in progress over at my personal blog...

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