Progress 4.23 - 4.29

There's another writing group that meets at the store that used to be somehow connected to the Unnamed Writer's Group. They get together every Tuesday at 6 and free write. When I showed up at 6 to reserve a spot for the group in the cafe, they were there.

Three new people this time. Another Wendy, another Michelle and Megan... We spent a lot of time just talking. Bullshitting. Getting to know the new people.

Original Wendy read something she's working on. About working at a hospital and pretty much saving someone's life. Michele read the second part of a story she's working on (don't know why she didn't have the first), and we cleared up a bit of a misunderstanding from the last meeting.

A good time. Didn't seem like it went on too long, maybe because I had the day off.

Innocent Creatures:
Got my first rejection from the first round of emails... One down, three to go.

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