Progress 4.16 - 4.22

Misc projects:
Wrote out a skeleton plot for issue 1 of the Marvel Project. Just so I can see for myself where this is going. Maybe getting a better idea of how I'm going to pitch this. But if they don't want it, that's okay. I can make this work — with minimal tweaking — in any way I want. For anyone I want.

Ultimately, what this story is about is just how the simplest and smallest things we do have an effect on the entire world in one way or another.

Wrote a lot of letters to friends. I'm on a roll, and hope to keep it up. Writing to my friends, at least, weekly.

Also started writing a little thing for myself — a sort of "afterward" to Innocent Creatures about how writing that book inspired me to adopt vegetarianism. I might try to get it published in a magazine at some point, or just post it online.

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