Progress 4.02 - 4.08

Innocent Creatures:
Finished typing the final round of edits. That means now I can finally shave... Also need to take an hour or so and polish up the Agent Letter. I'm also going to print up another couple of sets for people to read — this time double-sided, to save some money. Only added two extra pages, but still, I'm not the most well off guy when it comes to money. I'm still living with my parents after being back from Arizona for two months, and have no money saved up.

Misc projects:
Worked all week on the next novel project. The "Band Book." Writing up details about the characters, which is something I always try to do before starting any real writing. Before getting too in-depth...

I need to get to know who the people are that I write about. Like researching the character when method acting — one of the reasons that I was so interested in acting in high school, because I thought that it would help me in my writing later on down the line. I learn all I can about the characters. Detail them out until the become as real as memory of someone I once knew. I can see them. Hear them. Just watch them act out their lives, and write down what I see. Report. Spice it up with details and observations.

It's not my story to tell — nothing I write is. This is their story. The people I'm writing about... I just write it down for other people.

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