Progress 3.26 - 4.01

A span of one week was spent away from writing. Trying to catch up on letter writing to friends...

Innocent Creatures:
Did more typing of edits. Stopped at the half-way mark of the novel, Chapter 26. The word count of that particular chapter is 666 words, and it seemed like a perfect place to stop... I'm obviously doing something right.

A biweekly writer's workshop is hosted at the Barnes & Nobel I work at, the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. The employee that used to "run" it is no longer with the company, and our Community Relations Manager has filled in for the past two meetings. But she made it known that she does not feel comfortable doing it, because she is not a writer, and will also be gone for the April meetings... I gave some thought into stepping up, but decided against it — my logic being that I already had a lot going, and shouldn't complicate things further with one more thing on my plate...

But the concept was intriguing to me, so I decided to give it a try. If nothing else, this would be a broadening of my social experience, especially considering that I really like talking to people about their art.

Only three people showed up. Will, Jeff and J.C. I talked to them about what they wanted out of this group. What influenced them to start writing. What they thought that they needed to work on in their writing... I have the slightest of ideas about techniques that I can introduce to them — things that might help them, because they helped me.

The next meeting, all four of us agreed to bring in a piece of our writing. This will be the true test. If they don't kick me out after reading the first chapter of Innocent Creatures, then I know it was meant to be. Then they will also know if they want to be in the same building as this maniac, and will either stay and pledge their allegiance, or leave screaming and stabbing their eardrums and eyes out with coffee straws from the cafe.

Ultimately, if I have these people that I must face with my writing, I need to get it all typed up in a hurry... This will be good for motivation.

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