Progress 3.05 - 3.18

Misc work:
The past two weeks I worked out the Marvel Comic plot a little bit more — listened to The Lionel Show on the local "progressive" AM radio station, and got a huge burst of inspiration from a statement he made. Him, saying that since 9-11, Bill O'Reily went crazy. Thought about how Warren Ellis said the same thing about Frank Miller about the time the news of his Batman vs. Osama comic announcement... Also started writing the pitch letter, I was so fired up.

What if everyone has gone insane since that act of terrorism? A collective mass insanity breaking out over the nation...

Innocent Creatures:
Checked the Inquiry Letter I wrote, and a lot of the changes I made weren't saved. The important stuff was still there, but the peripheral, boring stuff wasn't there. Just a pain to have to think of that stuff all over again... The "who I am" type of bullshit selling yourself.

Also typed up more edits I made on the hard copy — only about 100 more pages to go through. Then I'll print out a couple copies for people to read. Need to get more insight into if the whole thing works inside the minds of readers.

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