Progress: 02.26 - 03.05

Misc work:
Last week, I worked on plotting out a future pitch for a limited series for Marvel Comics. Basic plot for six issues so far, so I don't know how many issues this is going to be, yet — won't be more than twelve, I can assure you. Also trying out a strange story telling technique that may or may not end up being thrown out as I get deeper into this... Just fooling around with this device to see if I can figure out how it works.

Innocent Creatures:
Wrote out a new pitch letter, the main focus of which, was a more effective synopsis. This is what I have come up with:
The unnamed NARRATOR tells what it is like in the year 2020, living in Reno, NV as a prostitute. She lives at the Joy Division, a group of houses where her fellow prostitutes reside. The day-to-day business is run by POLLY, who is also looked up to as a mother figure. A drug dealing doctor named BENDIS, and a war veteran peyote gardener named CASTANEDA, are the only men in the NARRATOR’s life that she does not have any type of sexual relationship with.

The NARRATOR is then intorduced to a young woman named PHOEBE, that is to become her apprentice. The NARRATOR tells PHOEBE of the violent and degrading nature of their work, and demonstrates the type of services they provide. After this first lesson, it is discovered that two women living at the Division have been killed. One of them is POLLY.

A funeral is held, during which a young occultist named SCARLET assumes the leadership role. SCARLET plans to free her Sisters from this life by killing those that control the prostitution industry, the heads of the casinos. The NARRATOR knows that these deaths will not stop anything. She knows that all of them must choose to make a better life for themselves, instead of being forced into this one.

They confront each other, and SCARLET is defeated. The NARRATOR then takes the leadership role and guides her sisters to a new life.

It does a better of of describing the plot that previous attempts, thanks to a thread I found on Warren Ellis' Engine forum... Before I had no focus, and you couldn't get a good idea of what I was trying to do. This doesn't tell you the KIND of story this is, but hopefully it will attract more interest than previous letters. And that means more agents might want to read a sample. THEN, is the time for the horrific reveal...

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